Dear Adam Update

Hello readers!!!! Allow me to introduce you to the worst blogger ever.

Me. It’s me. I’m the worst blogger ever. I have not been able to manage getting on a regular writing schedule since my son started kindergarten a few weeks ago. But I hereby solemnly swear to start blogging regularly again.

Starting tomorrow.

Because today I just have a Dear Adam update (read the blog about my scammer friend, Adam, here.) and a hilariously written guest blog from my friend, Niki.

First of all, the update for all those who aren’t followers of my Words About Stuff Facebook page– Adam still hasn’t emailed me back. I have since sent him two follow up emails (both suggestions given by readers), which he has RUDELY also ignored.



I think it’s safe to say Adam is no longer interesting in guest blogging on my website. I’m not sure why. The list of requirements I gave him are all pretty straight forward and easy to follow. To highlight this fact, my friend Niki offered to write a guest blog about bedding using all of my guest blogging requirements. This will be a funnier read if you first refresh yourselves with my requirements here.


Without further ado, here is the guest blog about bedding written by Nicole Hatfield, author of Abduction.


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