Fall Fashion Advice- The Fur Circle

I know my readers look to me for advice in a lot of different areas of life, but there is one place that I have failed all of you so far- fashion. I just have so many other things to teach the world that it hasn’t been a priority yet. BUT I found something recently that I know you will all love. So today, I’m making the time.

I went shopping with my sisters on Tuesday. While we were at Forever 21, I found this magical article of clothing. I call it the Fur Circle.


What is the purpose of the Fur Circle? Well, I guess if you want to wear it in the obvious way, you could use it as a scarf.


But that’s boring. This piece is so versatile! I had my sister model it in some different ways show you guys.


Winter Floaties- You can wear these when you’re feeling nostalgic about summer, but you can’t put on real swim floaties because it’s fall and that would be weird.


Fur Hat- Who doesn’t need a fur hat? Also, it has an opening on the top so your head doesn’t get too hot.


Ankle warmers- you can wear these to keep your ankles warm or just to cover up the tops of your socks if you couldn’t find any matching ones that morning.


Sash- When you want to show people how much you resemble a beauty queen, but you also want your sash to be functional for warmth because you’re a practical person.


Furry tube top- When you want to sun bathe, but it’s pretty chilly outside.


Thigh warmers- You kind of have to hold these up to keep them from falling down, but as you can see, it’s pretty worth it to achieve this look.


Bracelets- it’s jewelry that also keeps your wrists warm. Wow!


Pretend cat- When you really want a pet cat, but your husband is allergic to cats, you can use the Fur Circle as a cat substitute.


Sling- If your arm is hurting, but you don’t want to wear an ugly hospital sling, you can use the Fur Circle to cradle your arm in a more fashionable way.


Slippers- Not only are these super cozy for your feet, but wearing these slippers is also a very effective way to be kicked out of Forever 21.


So that’s my fall fashion advice. Please note that I was NOT paid to review this product, but I’m going to go ahead and include a link to the Fur Circle because I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want one after reading this blog.

The Fur Circle- http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=ACC&productid=1000231715

5 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Advice- The Fur Circle

    1. The arm floaties are genius. And if I could get this damn thing around my midsection, I’d be all over that fur tube top.

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