Organize your life with Laura!

I know that moms these days are always looking for better organizing tips on the Internet. So don’t worry friends, I’ve got you covered. I’m starting a new photo series titled, Organize your life with Laura!. The first edition will address something I know we all struggle with- laundry.

Step one- throw all the clothes in your current rotation onto the laundry room floor. You will call this “Clothes Mountain”. These are all the clothes your family wears regularly, but you’re never going to fold because folding is a waste of time. From now on, whenever someone asks you where to find an article of clothing, send them off to Clothes Mountain and pray for the best.


Step 2- As you empty the dryer each time, (note: the only time you will empty the dryer is when you need to put more clothes in the dryer) place all socks on top of the dryer. Not only does this create a nice, colorful decoration for your dryer, but it’s also a huge time saver when facing Clothes Mountain.


Step 3- the washing machine is your hamper. We all know you weren’t going to separate clothes by colors anyway.


Step 4- Keep all the clothes you never wear, are out of season, or are way too small in your drawers. This way you know exactly where not to look when you need something. It’s also optional storage space for large Elmo stuffed animals.


Step 5- Whenever you have an article of clothing that isn’t quite clean and not quite dirty, drape it over the edge of some furniture. This leaves easy access for the mornings when you don’t have time to brave Clothes Mountain.


That’s all my tips for today. Hope this helps, you guys! Stay tuned for more editions of Organize your life with Laura!.


*Blog topic suggestion submitted by alpacabowl, who has been jealous of (amused by) my organizational skills for years (days).

4 thoughts on “Organize your life with Laura!

  1. Amazing. Your words really touched me in all the right places! I’m taking your advice and have now created Mount Cotton. Two giant mountains separated only by hamper canyon.

  2. My clothes mountain is in a recliner that you can’t see the tv from. Your sock separation is something I should start though. My kids wear close enough matching socks most days. I love your blog.

  3. What a profound idea! We have more of a MMA style laundry organization. Whoever gets their clothes sorted and to the laundry room the quickest, gets to use the magical washing machine, except for the baby of course. She gets a bye.

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