Reasons Why Camping is the Worst

Let’s talk about camping and by talk, I mean complain. But really, I complain so often that I no longer call it complaining. I just call it having a conversation.

Anyway, this might surprise you, but I think camping is THE WORST IDEA ANY ONE HAS EVER HAD IN THE HISTORY OF IDEAS and here’s why:

1- Sleeping on the ground.
Why would I sleep outside on the ground in the heat when sleeping inside on a bed in air conditioning is an option?

2- Being outside in the summer.
If you need a refresher on why summer is terrible, please visit this post.

3- Lugging everything out of the car and setting up the tent.
Because camping basically means packing up every single thing you need to live, throwing it in the car, and unpacking it in the wilderness. I don’t want to spend hours packing everything I own just to unpack it in a place that’s worse.

4- Cooking over an open fire.
Microwaves were invented for a reason.

5- Using camp ground bathrooms.
No, thank you. Yes, I realize going outside is an option. Also, no thank you.

6- Packing everything back up again.
THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING, RELAXING VACATION. Now I get to spend more hours disassembling my weekend vacation home, packing up all my shit again, and taking it back home where it should have never left in the first place.


Stop it.

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5 thoughts on “Reasons Why Camping is the Worst

  1. I haven’t been camping since I was a kid, but something tells me I’ll feel the same way you do!

  2. I hate camping and I married into a camping family. We’ve been together 16 years and I still have never gone with them. I don’t get how it is a vacation when it is more work then staying home. Plus camping with little kids sounds like a special kind of torture.

  3. I have never been camping myself. I don’t come from a camping family. I remember hearing my brother. (Your Dad) lamenting that his family was going camping because the kids (You) wanted to.

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