The day the power went out

It’s been two weeks since this terrible day. I had to take some time to recover before I could write about it. I think I’m ready now.

Two weeks ago, during a storm, I was trying to get my daughter and myself ready to meet my sister for dinner. And then it happened- the power went out. I stood as still as possible hoping for it to flash back on as it sometimes does during a storm, but no such luck. It was out. Here are some of the horrible things I had to do without electricity that day.

1- Entertain my daughter while I got myself ready

Do you know what doesn’t work when the power goes out? The television. Do you know what happens when the television turns off? My children suddenly start searching the house for me so I can entertain them. On the day the power went out, I had to get myself ready to go to dinner with a 3 year old shadow following me around.

It doesn’t sound so bad unless you have your own 3 year old shadow, and then you know what I’m talking about. Every time you turn to try to walk in a different direction, they don’t quite understand that they need to move out of the way. Your shadow will either physically run into you, or you’ll have to pause and ask three times for your shadow to move out of the way so you can continue walking. Rinse and repeat until you want to scream.

2- Use a flashlight to find something to wear in clothes mountain

If you don’t already know about my clothes mountain, you can read about it here. It’s basically a giant mountain of clean clothes in my laundry room that we keep there for maximum organizational purposes.

Searching through clothes mountain on a good day takes some time (or luck). But my laundry room doesn’t have any windows, so on the day the power went out, I had to brave clothes mountain with nothing but a flashlight to guide me.

And don’t forget my shadow. She was there, too.

3- Leave the house with wet hair

Because hair dryers don’t work when the power is out, I was forced to throw my hair in a bun and leave the house with WET HAIR.

I usually do that anyway, but this was the ONE DAY that I was definitely going to try to look nice before leaving the house. Probably. It’s too late now though. I guess we’ll never know how beautiful I could have looked that day.

4- Open the garage door BY HAND

I finally managed to get myself and daughter ready and out of the door only to remember that garage doors also don’t work when the power is out. After a conversation with my husband, I learned how to open the garage door with MY HANDS.

I realize this one sounds overly complain-y because it wasn’t even that hard to do, but there was a bug on the garage door that flew straight toward my face as soon as I started opening it. So as you can imagine, it was a pretty traumatic experience.


And that was the day the power went out. This, my dear sweet husband, is why you should probably reevaluate your request to take me camping.

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