The great toe injury of 2016.

I’m not always super great at walking. I’ve recently stopped wearing flip flops in the rain because of the increased risk of falling. I’m basically an 85 year old woman who is worried about breaking a hip on the slick parking lot outside of the Walmart.

This blog entry will be the second installment of my Falling Series. You can read the first one here. I have at least one more add to the series after this, and probably many more to add as I continue to live this life of unfortunate mishaps. So gather around, friends. Have a seat by the fire and cuddle up with your kitty cat as I tell you the story of The Great Toe Injury of 2016.

We (my husband, myself, and our children) had just pulled into the garage late at night on Easter after a full day of festivities. It had started raining right before we left my parent’s house, so the bottom of my flip flops were covered in a thin layer of water. As I was opening the door to step out of the car, I thought to myself, “It’s wet outside. Don’t slip.”

So I slipped.

When we park in the garage, the passenger side door of our Explorer lines up directly across from the concrete step below the door that leads into our house. As soon as my foot hit the ground, it IMMEDIATELY slid across the floor and my big toe slammed into the concrete step.

image1 (18)

(Here is a picture of what I’m talking about with an arrow pointing to the offending step. You can also see all of our garage junk. Stop judging me. I CAN FEEL IT THROUGH THIS SCREEN. STOP IT.)

When my toe hit the concrete step, I heard it pop and felt an immediate wave of nausea and pain. Cody couldn’t tell the degree to which I was actually hurt because of my tendency to immediately fall to the ground and start moaning every time I hurt myself regardless of the severity. But THIS really freaking hurt.

It was almost midnight, and I didn’t want to drive to the ER with two kids in the middle of the night for a toe injury. So I spent the night in pain. This is the part of the story where you feel bad for me. I’ll wait.


Okay. Thank you for the sympathy. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your cards in the mail. Anyway, the next day I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I went to my doctor who sent me for an X ray because apparently the big toe is important for walking. It turned out my toe wasn’t broken and nothing could be done besides wrapping it and hobbling around until it felt better.

BUT don’t feel too bad for me and my multiple falling injuries because there is always a bright side. When I looked down at the X ray paper my doctor handed me to take to the hospital, I saw that my diagnosis was “Injury to the great toe”. So now not only does my toe make an amazing popping noise every time I bend it, but I also have a cool new name for my big toe.

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