The Pondering of Life

Why did I see a parking spot with a sign saying “no parking any time” the other day? If you can’t park there any time, why would you put a parking spot there in the first place? Why wouldn’t you make it into… literally anything else?

image2 (2)

Why did Target think it was a good idea to sell this wrinkly, poop green onesie? I’m pretty much against wearing anything that requires me to strip completely naked to use the bathroom, but if I were going to make an exception- it would not be for this outfit.

image1 (6)

Why doesn’t every cookie love me as much as this cookie did? RIP cookie. You were delicious.

image1 (7)

Why did my daughter just cough straight into my mouth while I was talking? Why are my children incapable of turning their heads even the slightest degree so they don’t send a giant plume of germs straight into my face every time they sneeze or cough?

image1 (8)

Why did I ever think it was a good idea to let my 18 month old comb my hair? She’s now 3 years old. I’ve since made this mistake several more times with the exact same results.


Why am I so good at playing Words with Friends? Just kidding. I already know this answer. It’s because I’m super smart. I just wanted you to see how good I am at playing Words with Friends.

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